Two foreign jet skiers were in comas in Ibiza yesterday after colliding with a catamaran on Tuesday afternoon. Three people were injured in total, the third a young child who was in a serious condition and doctors said yesterday that they feared for the lives of all three tourists. The two women in comas are thought to be French and Polish and both in their early 20*s. One of the victims, who also suffered serious internal injuries and a fractured pelvis, was operated on for nine hours over night while the other, underwent a five hour operation for her head injuries. Both were said to have been critical last night. Doctors will be keeping a close watch on the two women over the next few days, the next 36 hours will prove crucial doctors said last night. Medical sources also revealed that the quick reaction of one of the para medics who rushed to the scene of the accident saved one of the women's lives. The accident happened just off Illeta beach in Formentera. The cause of the accident, which happened in open sea, has yet to be confirmed. All three of the victims were however travelling on the same jet ski. The trio were evacuted to Ibiza by helicopter ambulance and rushed to hospital.