There is a daily waiting list of 20 boats to spend a night moored at Cabrera island. Only 50 permits a day are granted and the quota is already covered to the end of the summer, with 20 boats on the waiting list for the next two weekends hoping for a cancellation. The most popular day is Saturday, when the waiting list is between 20 and 21. Mondays and Tuesdays usually have a waiting list of 14. Boats are only allowed to moor for one night in July and August, and two in June and September. For the rest of the year, because there is little traffic, they can moor up to seven nights. During the day, the boats can moor at the southern tip of Cabrera, but passengers and crew cannot land on the beaches. Permits have to be requested between three and 20 days in advance, and the Cabrera park board handles the requests in order of arrival.