We in the Balearics are privileged to have the most bars, cafeterias and restaurants per capita in Spain. Here in the Balearics there is a bar, cafe or restaurant per 94 people, while in close second and third places are Madrid with a bar per 168 people and Murcia with a cafe or restaurant per every 167 people. According to a report released yesterday, there are a total of 298.787 bars, cafes and restaurants in Spain and at a national level, there is an establishment of this kind per every 137 inhabitants. However, the busiest bars etc, in Spain are in Cataluña where they account for 16.7 per cent of the annual national turn over. This year, the Balearic bar and restaurant sector is experiencing a further drop in business, in some areas it has been claimed that the fall in business because of the tourist crisis is as high as 50 per cent, while generally in the Balearics, business is down by 30 per cent in comparison to last year.