Justin Moore spent the day with his family on holiday as usual in Alcudia, although he was not going near any lilos. The 15-year-old with special needs and more like a nine-year-old, went missing for seven hours on Wednesday and his father Michael Moore, a risk and terrorist assessment expert for a leading bank in London, had started to take all eventualities into account once night had fallen and the police had not found Justin. But, at 11pm, the police returned their lost son. It appears that Justin, last seen by his mother Juliette at 4pm just a few feet away from the beach infront of their apartments at the Clarabella block near the Port of Alcudia, fell asleep on his lilo and was taken away by the current. Justin was found at the Hotel Esperanza, some four kilometres along the coast at around 10.30 pm. Michael said that as Justin does not talk too much, what exactly happened remains unclear, but it appears that at one point he woke up, made his way to the beach, but set off for home the wrong way. Two fellow tourists are believed to have found him wandering along the beach and guided him to the safety of the hotel where the police were called. “I wish to highly commend the police and the Guardia Civil, they were fantastic,” Michael said yesterday. “The resort is perfect for families and I soon realised that for Justin to have left the resort, someone would have had to have abducted him, it's a great place for families and extremely safe with a superb police force. “At first when the police turned up in their large cars, I thought they would be like the British police, but I was proved wrong when two Guardia Civil Nissan patrols turned up at the apartment at 11pm with our son, great work. “The force had worked so hard all afternoon, putting up a helicopter, combing the beach and even carrying out an apartment to apartment search. “We had expected Justin to have been a little worse for wear and sunburnt, but he was brought home in perfect condition.”