Police road blocks yesterday.

Police were last night hunting for two armed robbers who held up a bank in Punta Ballena in Magalluf yesterday lunchtime. Last night police neither knew who the two men are nor how much money they made staff stuff into bags before fleeing. The robbery happened at 1.15 at the Banca March branch in calle Marti Ros Gracia. Two men, believed to be in their late thirties, wearing wigs, hats and sunglasses, roared up to the bank on a motorbike. A local trader was in the bank at the time after some change, “it all happened very quickly - two men wearing wigs and sunglasses stormed in and the one wearing a hat walked behind the counter armed with a pistol and told the teller to start filling the bag with money. I thought it was a joke, but there were five or six of us in the bank and when we turned around, we saw a second man armed with a pistol guarding the door.” It was over within a matter of minutes and the two gunmen fled the scene on the motorbike before the police arrived. Within minutes, police threw up roadblocks hoping to close off Magalluf and trap the armed robbers in the resort. Police blocked all exits to Santa Ponsa, Peguera and Costa de la Calma while mobile units patrolled the resort, but last night the search was still on. Police believe that the two men may also be responsible for the Santa Ponsa bank job last Tuesday.