Francesc Antich, the leader of the Balearic government, yesterday called on the central government to adopt measures and seek formulas to promote quality tourism in Spain, as in this way, “tourists will go home satisfied, and this will be the best promotion which can be done in the market place.” Yesterday he expressed his satisfaction because hotel occupancy figures for July “prove that the Balearics are the spearhead of tourism in Spain and we are the most competitive community.” Figures released this week show that the Balearics had the highest occupancy rate in Spain at just under 83 per cent. Antich told the local media “we are working for quality in tourism, with the aim of a solid offer for the future.” He said that the central government should “open its eyes instead of launching negative messages.” The Balearic leader claimed that the “attacks by the central government on our tourist policy are purely and simply motivated by party reasons, but figures show that we are the leading tourist destination in the country.” Tourism chief Celesti Alomar added that the figures show “we are going in the right direction” and accused the central government of not promoting tourism sufficiently outside of Spain.