ARCA, the association which defends the heritage, has accused the Palma city council of having “practically consummated the destruction of the city's historical memory.” Spokesman Joan Pascual yesterday accused the council of “wilfully using taxpayers' money to build car parks in certain areas, knowing that there were important archaeological remains there.” He added that ARCA was considering an appeal in court against the car parks in Calle Constitucion, outside the main Post Office, and Porta de Santa Catalina. He accused councillor José María Rodríguez of being unco-operative and unwilling to talk. He went on to say that it was “outrageous” for the council to play with taxpayers' money and, “in connivance with the Council of Majorca, try to build car parks in areas which we know are full of archaeological remains.” Pascual also slammed the medium-term plans to sell off public areas, to convert the Borne into a huge terrace which “sooner or later will be invaded by chairs and tables, which, in turn, will fill the council coffers.” He criticised the council for showing a lack of respect for public spaces and “selling pavements to bars and cafes.” He also accused the council of making a “perverse” use of concepts such as pedestrianisation, conservation or progress. ARCA blames the current state of Palma on the “(Mayor) Fageda-Rodríguez tandem, with the consent of the Council of Majorca and the silence of the opposition.” Pascual says it is hard to find one single action of the council worthy of praise.