Palma council yesterday announced it has set up a special emergency weather response unit to help the public over the next few days with more flooding and gale force winds expected. City hall stated yesterday evening that an emergency help 080 telephone hot line has been set up and that the emergency response unit will involve the Local Police force, Palma fire brigade, the water board working hand-in-hand with the council, social services and maintenance departments. From first thing this morning, 150 Local Policemen and women will be responsible for traffic flow and safety in the capital, able to immediately respond should the city's road system collapse like on Saturday. 40 Palma fire fighters have been stationed on full alert, ready to respond to all weather related incidents round the clock until the storm alert is over. In the meantime EMAYA engineers will set to work clearing the Torrent Gros and del Torrent Barbera river beds, which the council claims is the responsibility of the Environment Ministry, but is not prepared to take any chances with the two rivers filling up and bursting their banks. Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, last night called on the public to be extremely careful over the next few days, especially when driving. The council asks all home owners to make sure that gutters and water run-off on balconies and terraces are not obstructed and that in the event of any emergency, call the 080 number. The council is also setting up a special team of damage assesment agents, a move welcomed by the commercial sector which has already suffered severe damages.