The number of people killed in traffic accidents in the Balearics up to August 26 was 76, which was 30 per cent lower than the same period last year, when 108 people lost their lives, according to figures from traffic control headquarters, released yesterday. The report said that 12 people had died on the roads so far this month, the same number as last August up to the 26th, which breaks the trend of a reduction in road deaths over the past six months. The chief causes of the 70 fatal accidents were speeding (21 accidents), falling asleep at the wheel or distraction (19), failure to respect stop or right of way signs (seven) and jaywalking (seven). In five accidents the driver was found to be under the effects of drugs or alcohol and in another five, the accident occurred during overtaking. The traffic authorities said that four of the victims were cyclists. The report said that 64 of the victims were men and 12 women, 11 were foreigners and 24 were under the age of 25. A total of 1'412 people have died on the roads in the Balearics from 1992 up to August 26. The traffic report went on to say that the number of cars registered this year up to the end of July was 46'625, which was 15 per cent less than the same period last year. With the exception of January, the number of registrations has gone down every month, the biggest drops being in April and June, down by 49 and 21 per cent respectively over the previous year.