It's over...the bad weather that is, but it may return after the weekend. The Balearics is no longer on storm alert as of this morning and the weather will show a welcome improvement today and tomorrow with temperatures rising slightly. However, as reported on Monday, summer is pretty much over and the met office warned yesterday that there is another depression which will hit Spain on Saturday, although, for the moment, it is not expected to reach the Balearics, so we can look forward to a good weekend to mark the official end of the summer holidays as tens of thousands of people will be returning home across the country. The National Meteorological Institute said yesterday that no more storms were expected now that the two fronts, one Atlantic and the other Mediterranean have started to move on, hence conditions will start to improve over the next few days. Some showers can be expected in the Balearics this morning, but conditions will start to dry up this afternoon. The north of Spain is the prime target for the new front coming in, “but the rain and storms will be nowhere near as intense as those which have lashed the country over the past weeks,” met office sources said yesterday. Foremen and engineers closed off a building site in Cala Mayor after part of the road collapsed as a result of the recent heavy rains. In Palma there has been a great deal of concern over the potential damage done to building foundations by the rain which turned car park construction sites into huge swimming pools holding thousands of litres of rain water.