A family argument is believed to have ended in murder yesterday. Palma police have launched an inquiry and are holding one man after a Chinese resident was fatally stabbed in the capital's red light district. The victim, Bao Li, was stabbed in his kitchen in front of his three nephews and his sister at 9.45am - police are holding his brother as the prime suspect. Police have managed to ascertain that prior to Bao Li being stabbed, he and his brother had been involved in a fierce argument over a family affair. The rest of the family tried to break the argument up, but the victim's elder brother refused to back down and, apparently, when Bao Li went to walk away and leave the kitchen, his brother lunged at him with a knife, apparently stabbing him just once but the wound proved fatal. According to neighbours, there was a sudden and huge commotion as all of the family eyewitnesses started screaming and wailing. Residents in Calle Socorro called the National and Local Police - when the first police unit arrived, the victim was found bleeding on the pavement outside the house. Paramedics tried to save his life at the scene and a team of doctors battled for over 30 minutes, but in vain. The victim's brother, who has not been identified, was found and arrested in the vicinity while a large crowd of people gathered as the morning progressed to see what all the police were doing in the area. Police and forensics spent three hours at the scene, looking for evidence and launching their murder inquiry. The post mortem will be carried out on Monday. The police did not leave the area until 1pm, leaving a large number of eyewitnesses, some of whom were taken to the police station to help police with the inquiry, and neighbours in a state of shock.