SOME parts of Majorca spent the last weekend of the summer holidays on the beach, others however had yet another weekend washed out by torrential rain. Felanitx was hit by the eye of Sunday's storm which devastated the beach at Cala Ferrera and flooded a car park, trapping a number of vehicles. The storm battered the area for two hours, during which time 89 litres of rain fell per square metre, filling the local river bed which was unable to cope with the heavy rain and eventually burst its banks, flooding the area and washing away parts of the beach. The alarm was raised and a storm emergency operation put into action. Teams of fire fighters along with the local Felanitx police and the Guardia Civil all battled to try and minimise the damage and recover the vehicles washed away in the rain. Yesterday the clean up operation began and tourists had to share the beach with industrial machinery and bulldozers as the parasols were re-erected and parts of the beach rebuilt and cleaned.