A day to remember.

In a ceremony at the Town Hall in Palma yesterday the Mayor of Palma Joan Fageda and the U.S. Consular Agent Tumi Bestard paid tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks. A black and white photograph of the New York skyline with the Twin Towers had been put on display in the main council chamber and more than 50 people, including many city councillors, attended the event. “The attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon have marked a before and after of modern day history,” said Tumi Bestard. The Consular Agent also praised the city council and the city fire brigade who were also represented. Just after the attacks the city council sent a bronze statue to the former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani as a show of solidarity. Fageda said that the September 11 attacks were similar to what Spain was facing with the outlawed terror group ETA, which has claimed more than 600 lives.