King Jaume II of Majorca proclaimed the privileges and franchises of the Kingdom of Majorca on September 12, 1276, which is why the Council of Majorca chose September 12 to celebrate its heritage. There have been events all over the island so far this month, and there are still a few more to come, but for Palma, the highlight came yesterday. And it was marked by the appearance of four giant figures, representing King Jaume II and his wife Esclaramunda de Foix, King Sanç, who boosted trade, and Jaume III, who died on the battlefield in Llucmajor. These giant figures are four metres high and weigh about 50 kilos. The tradition of the dancing giants is an old one, being recorded in Manacor in 1750, but it gradually died out. But the Council of Majorca has decided to restore it, and it has proved to be a popular gesture. The only difference from the giants of old is that the modern figures are made of fibreglass. Their first appearance, in the morning, was heralded by musicians, and ended with the singing of the Majorcan anthem, La Balanguera, and a shower of rose petals. The giants made a second appearance in the afternoon, this time heading a procession to the Cathedral, where the Bishop of Majorca, Mgr Teodor Ubeda, presided mass. On Saturday and Sunday, the Council of Majorca will open its doors to visitors, and there will be guided tours every hour.