Nobody slept much in Puerto Pollensa last Thursday night. The storm started at about 3am with the kind of torrential downpour that normally lasts five minutes, but this time the rain went on for three hours never abating for a second and accompanied by crashes of thunder and streaks of lightning that crackled right overhead. With the amount of rain the whole of Majorca has had this year, it didn't take much for ditches and drains to overflow and spread havoc over the area. Fields became lakes, underground garages became swimming pools and roads disappeared under brown muddy water as more and more rain fell and streamed down from the mountainsides with enough force to wash away stone walls. Both main routes into the port were impassable for a time and even by mid-day on Friday some roads were still cut off. Residents told me of their efforts to rescue cars marooned in flooded roads and of the great mopping up operations taking place in ground floor dwellings. Holidaymakers tried to make the best of things, wading ankle-deep in rainwater as they made their way to shops and cafes. “I keep expecting to see Kevin Costner,” joked one Scottish lady. “Coming up out of the water with webbed fingers!” And with skies still looking ominously cloudy, there's a chance of that yet!