Police are investigating whether or not the body found abandoned on an estate in LLucmajor on Friday night is that of 15-year-old German Stefanie Ruggeberg who was last seen at her Arenal home on July 31. Yesterday investigators returned to the scene and the Guardia Civil are keen to see if there is a DNA match between the Ruggeberg family and the body. But a bracelet found at the scene in LLucmajor is not one of the items of jewellery the missing German girl was wearing the night she disappeared. The remains of the body were not removed until 2pm yesterday, and last night a post mortem was being carried out in order to establish the cause of death. If the body is not that of the missing German teenager, police sources said that detectives are also investigating links with other missing women, for example, Ana Eva Guasch, a Palma teacher who disappeared a year ago. Neighbours living near the estate where the body was found have apparently been complaining about an unpleasant smell since July which many suspected was caused by a dead dog. The whole neighbourhood was in complete shock yesterday after it was revealed that a body had been found on the property at Son Veri Dalt along the Arenal to Llucmajor road.