The mystery over the body of a woman found on an estate in Arenal last Friday continues to confound the police. The results of yesterday's autopsy not only failed to reveal the cause of death, but also the identity of the body, although sources close to the investigation said that it is extremely unlikely that the body is that of the 15-year-old German Stefanie Ruggeberg, who has not been seen since end of July. The autopsy did reveal that the victim died some three months ago, further ruling out that it is that of the German girl whose mother believes has returned to Germany with her boyfriend. Nevertheless, police are going to check DNA samples from the body with those of Ruggeberg's parents to make absolutely sure, although the results could take some weeks. Forensics revealed that no signs of the person having been hit, stabbed or shot were found, thus leaving a question mark over the cause of death. Due to the length of time the body has been decomposing, forensics can neither ascertain if the victim had been strangled or raped. Forensics are now going to turn their attention to the body's teeth and dental records in search of a positive id. An expert on insects is being brought in to examine the insects found in the body in order to help police reach a much more exact date and time of death. (Different insects are characteristic to the different phases of decomposure and therefor provide a natural time scale.)
Police do know that they are dealing with the body of a young woman who was around 1m 60cm tall and had long blonde or red hair. Police also believe that the woman did not die at the scene of where the body was found.