A team of forensics yesterday confirmed that Beatriz Garau Hotman was strangled to death at her home in Palma last Friday night. Her boyfriend, Manuel Llina Fiol is being held as the prime suspect, he was the one who called the police on Friday night to report what had happened. He told police at the time that he and his girlfriend had been watching a horror movie, it was in fact a western and police said that his statement did not make sense. Fiol was still being held under police guard in the psychiatric wing at Son Dureta hospital yesterday. Only the victim's father has spoken since the death. All he has told the press is that he regrets having been informed so late on Friday - while it appears his daughter was strangled at around 9pm, the family were not informed until near midnight. Last night hundreds of people gathered to take part in an anti-domestic violence protest organised by the Balearic branch of the women's rights group Lobby de Dones and the United Left political party.