Investigators from Interpol are now involved in the investigation to identify the decomposed woman's body found in Llucmajor last Friday. Detectives are still pushing ahead with DNA tests on the body and the family of a German teenager who disappeared from her Arenal home at the end of July and forensics are also checking dental records. With it now looking highly unlikely the body is that of the 15-year-old German, police are keeping completely open minds over who the victim is and what happened to her as the autopsy revealed very little information. Police are investigating the disappearance of a young German prostitute in Muro, but until police have identified the body, the investigation is pretty much on hold. The body showed little or no signs of violence, thus the police no longer know if they are dealing with a murder. The advanced stage of decomposition is also hampering the investigation, but initial estimate of a time of death, some three months ago, also rule out the likelihood that it is the 15-year-old German. Her mother is convinced that her daughter returned to Germany with her boyfriend who fled with a stolen credit card which was used to buy women's clothes, quite probably for missing 15-year-old Stefanie.