Members of the general public, local environmental organisations, artists, architects and Palma resident associations gathered in Palma yesterday and viewed to “defend the city against any kind of threat.” The threat is development and the association of “insulated citizens” said that it is not prepared “to lose our past and our history” to the hands of the developers. A spokesperson for the heritage protection body ARCA, said yesterday that, for example, excavation work for a car park in calle Constitución, where the rally was held yesterday, was allowed to go ahead despite every one knowing that important archeological items were being disturbed. Apparently the remains have been moved and the association does not know where “and the Insular Council of Majorca, one of Palma council's accomplices, allowed this to happen. Apart from the loss and damage caused to the city's heritage, all the building work has effected the every day lives of residents and had a negative effect on trade in some parts of the capital. Members of the association vowed to defend the city's heritage “in the face of all political parties.” Local environmental group and member of the association GOB also produced a set of three pictures illustrating how Genova will look if developers are allowed to go ahead with proposed housing projects.