The insect plague is spreading on new fronts, the Bulletin can reveal. Residents in Calvia reported yesterday that they are battling an invasion of cockroaches which are making their lives impossible. Residents in the south of the island reported on Tuesday that they had been invaded by crickets. Yesterday, we also had sighting reports of crickets in Palma. The damp and humid weather is believed to be responsible and residents from all parts of the island are demanding action. “One Palma Nova resident said yesterday “I was walking from my car to my home when all of a sudden I was literally attacked by these sort of flying cockroaches. My neighbour also says that she has spotted a large number of crickets as well.” Boffins say that there is no reason to be alarmed. Already this year many people reported being viciously attacked by mosquitoes who seem to be in greater number than on previous years. The cricket plague in the south is no joke with residents complaining that they can't sleep at night because of the noise. Many have reported the problem to their respective councils. One Bulletin reader in Campos said yesterday “it's amazing the weather is being blamed for everything in Majorca this year, what the authorities need is to contact rent-a-kill. We've already spent heavily on insect repellant.”


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