The Balearics is demanding more insularity compensation from Brussels. At a meeting of insular regions in Brussels yesterday, the Balearics, with the full support of the Canary Islands, led the call for greater consideration from the 15 member states. Balearic Finance Minister, Joan Mesquida, said that all of the EU's insular regions share similar problems and that Brussels needs to make more money available to help fund key areas, such as improving transport, energy, water, waste treatment and infrastructure. The biggest concern of the Balearics, Mesquida made clear, is that EU enlargement will weaken the position of the block's insular regions even further and also lead to a reduction in funding for developed regions, such as the Balearics, in favour of the much poorer and under developed new members. The EU's insular regions account for four per cent, 13.5 million people, of the block's population and should not be ignored, said Mesquida.


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