A crayfish appears on a flooded highway near Barcelona.

Winds of between 80 and 90 kilometres per hour will buffet the Balearics this morning, fortunately blowing the last of the week's storm away from the region and across towards Italy. Nevertheless, the time has come to keep the overcoats and umbrellas near the front door as temperatures are going to continue dropping as autumn sets in with the wind chill factor playing a key part today. Much of the Balearics escaped the storm during the day yesterday, but few areas were spared a torrential downpour over night or earlier this morning with over 30 litres per square metre falling in some parts, in the space of just one hour, turning to hail at times. Flights at Palma airport were disrupted again yesterday, in particular flights bound for Barcelona where the air traffic control centre at Prat airport had been damaged by the torrential rain on Wednesday. The majority of flights to all destinations suffered minor delays while a handfull of flights bound for Barcelona were cancelled during the morning with passengers having to wait three or four hours for an afternoon flight. The Balearics is still on weather alert today, although the emergency services are expecting to stand down early this afternoon as the weather calms down and the storm leaves the region. The fierce and cold weather of the past few days has been caused by a front of polar air moving across the region, quite unusual for this time of year. Shipping companies are hoping to re-establish all connections between the island today, most were running as usual yesterday until the 40 kilometre per hour winds and rain swept across parts of the region yesterday evening.


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