Palma city council is setting up a special police unit to control bus lanes and the special-attention VAP areas of the city. The Local Police unit will come into operation at the start of next month and is another in a series of measures to try and ease traffic congestion in the capital. The council is setting up the unit because it appears that traffic congestion continues to be Palma's biggest problem and the current traffic controls are insufficient. The VAP streets were introduced nearly two years ago - but although the blue lines indicate no double parking and that entrances and exits must be kept clear at all times and despite the 180 euro fine for double parking, few drivers take any notice of the VAP regulations. Bus and taxi lanes are also other key areas of congestion which the new police unit will keep clear of unauthorised traffic. Palma council sources said yesterday that the new unit will have a “zero tolerance” approach to its new tasks. Between 30 and 40 officers are expected to be called to form the unit which will also be using the city's network of surveillance cameras to keep a check on the behaviour of drivers in the city and to make sure that they respect the traffic rules and regulations.


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