The remains of British tourist Jeffrey Hodgson, who went missing in Ibiza on July 8th last year may have been found, police said yesterday. Hodgson, from Stockport, had a mental age of eight but would have celebrated his 40th birthday on September 28. He and his parents had just arrived in Ibiza and were checking in to their hotel in Cala Llonga when Jeffrey wandered off and was never seen again. A massive search was launched involving helicopters and the services of the army and K9 dog team from Yorkshire but no trace of Jeffrey was found. However, over the past 15 months, his family and friends have not given up hope. A “where's Jeffrey?” campaign was set up, with its base in Ibiza and the hunt received widespread national television and media coverage in the UK, in particular two weeks ago when his family travelled to mainland Spain to celebrate his 40th birthday. Police in Ibiza were last night hesitant to confirm the remains are those of Jeffrey, but forensics are expected to have the results of tests on the skeleton, found partially clothed, today. The remains were actually found on Tuesday and the clothes match what Jeffrey was wearing when he disappeared, blue trousers and a yellow shirt. Furthermore, the skeleton was found in the Lluna river bed at the foot of a sharp drop which is difficult to access but visible from his hotel in Cala Llonga - where he went missing. Over the past 15 months, a reward of £10'000 has been offered by CHAT magazine and a further £1'000 by an Aunt, his parents thought that their son may have been kidnapped or even managed to have travelled to the mainland with a friendly group of holidaymakers he may have met. The family were yesterday informed of the discovery and are waiting further confirmation, and possible cause of death, before flying out to Ibiza.


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