The Balearic commercial advisory board met yesterday to decide on which Sunday and fiestas shops will be allowed to open next year. Instead of just three, the region's commercial sector yesterday agreed on five holiday opening days, similar to this year, January 5, April 17, November 1, and December 6 and 21 and for the first time ever, the bank holiday trading days will become law now that the Constitutional Tribunal in Madrid has lifted the suspension on the new Balearic Trading Law. Balearic Minister for Commerce, the vice-president Pere Sampol, said after the meeting that he was pleased with the manner in which the various commercial sectors managed to work out their differences and reach an agreement. Sampol is also pleased that the suspension has been lifted. In accordance with the state's new trading laws, shops are allowed to open on 11 bank holidays, while in Madrid, the autonomous government has given the green light to 26 holiday trading days. Sampol however stood his ground over tourist resort Sunday trading. Union leaders were calling for an end to the resort law which allows Sunday trading between March 15 and October 31, but Sampol said yesterday that he plans to extend the law for another year, at least, and review the resort trading laws next year. However, next summer, clearer guidelines will be introduced governing to which resort areas Sunday trading applies.