Balearic captains of industry and union bosses met President Francesc Antich yesterday to discuss a new blue print for quality tourism and the government's proposal for domestic flights to be declared a public service. During the three hour meeting, Antich unveiled a ten point quality tourism plan which he wants studied ahead of a second round of talks in three weeks time to go through the blue print. Emerging from the meeting, Antich said that the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, Caeb, the Pime small business association and the union, all gave their backing to the quality plan and will be tabling their own suggestions later this month. “The most important thing is that there are a number of points we already agree on,” Antich said, adding that promoting the Balearics is going to be paramount. Caeb chairman, Josep Oliver, said that his members will study the ten point plan carefully “it's not an easy topic, but we've got to do everything we can to ensure the best possible results for the Balearics, especially with regards to the tourist industry's image,” he said. Secretary general of the CC.OO union, Josep Benedicto, said that relations between the various parties at the meeting were “excellent” while the small business association stressed the importance of an immediate and major tourism promotion campaign. Also that attempts should be made to improve relations between the local government and the hotel sector. “Every day that goes by, is a day lost,” Pime president Antoni Marqués said. But with regards to domestic flights and the REB Special Balearic Finance System, which would give the Balearics' direct control over its own finances, the union hinted that there is a possibility of industrial action if central government does not agree to the two proposals. Antich, for the time being, said that his prime concern is to get as much Balearic support, social and political, behind the proposals before taking drastic action.