Last Tuesday a 16-year-old immigrant from Ecuador was apparently attacked and beaten outside a Palma cinema by three local lads “because of his colour.” Yesterday the USO, General Workers's Union, raised the lid off the incident, issuing an official statement condemning the “seriously worrying act of xenophobia.” The victim, Henry and his father yesterday spoke about the attack at the union's headquarters in Palma. According to the victim's father Nelson, “Henry and a Bulgarian friend were walking along calle Medico Jose Darder at about 1pm on the day in question, when they ran into three lads they did not know. They asked Henry's friend 'why he was walking with a black guy. “Neither said anything and walked off, but two hours later, when Henry was on his own, they found him and attacked him.” Henry said that he tried to defend himself but he was thrown to the ground “there was nothing I could do,” he said yesterday. Nelson Hurtado has been living and working in Majorca for the past three years and was joined by his son a few months ago. Henry's new life in Majorca has not quite worked out as he hoped and the attack has left him deeply shaken. His father has pressed charges so it will not happen again “but it makes me wonder just how many other immigrants have to suffer such treatment.” He is the first to admit that, compared to other regions of Europe, the situation in Majorca is far from serious, but the USO is deeply concerned about the implications of such an attack on the future. The union said in an official communique “there are certain political groups which fuel such kinds of racial violence and Majorcan society needs to relect on such acts of recism and xenophobia so we can all live in peace together.” A full investigation has been mounted.