The new 10-motorcycle unit took to the roads yesterday.

A new motorcycle Local Police unit took to the streets of Palma yesterday as part of the council's objective of establishing “a tough but flexible” police force. The Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda unveiled the new unit of ten motorcycles which has three primary tasks. The new unit will be responsible for helping to control traffic along the Avenidas, carry out routine motorcycle checks, control hire cars and foreign plated vehicles, monitor radio taxi activities, school and tourist coach transport, check vehicle MOTs and heavy goods vehicles. The mobile unit will also be keeping a check on construction work, making sure that all building sites have the correct permits, an eye on vehicles “for sale” in the streets and enforce the new seat belt and mobile telephone laws. Fageda, who has come under increasing fire over rising crime in the municipality of Palma, in particular the capital and along the Playa de Palma, said yesterday that the new unit will mean a greater police presence in certain key areas which in turn will force people, especially drivers, to comply with the law. The 10 motorcycles will be used by a 45-strong unit of Local Police men and women and enable them to be much more effective. But, only with the co-operation of the general public, will the unit be able to operate to its maximum effect. The Mayor said that while the unit will do its best to keep the VAP zones clear of illegally parked vehicles etc. if the public continue to break the VAP laws, they will be heavily penalised. Apart from continued construction of new car parks, with roads closed and traffic diverted around many parts of the capital, Palma has the highest vehicle per capita ratio in Europe and drivers have to be responsible and aware of that fact and conduct themselves accordingly. “We're going to be tough but flexible,” when it comes to enforcing the traffic and parking laws, city council traffic boss José Manuel Sierra said, adding that fines at VAP zones can reach 180 euros.