The ParcBit technology park was officially opened yesterday by the Balearic government, but Sir Richard Rogers, who designed the park said that the project is far from completed. Sir Richard was commissioned in 1994 to plan a “sustainable post-industrial information-based technopolis for 5'000 inhabitants in the hills of Majorca,” but Sir Richard was left wondering yesterday what had happened to the residential part of the project, which was the whole essence of ParcBit, as it was designed. Yesterday, office space, which has so far managed to attract 16 companies employing 300 people, was unveiled. Sir Richard was however impressed with what he saw yesterday “I think it's being quite sensitively done, and I'm delighted that this live-work-leisure area is now continuing. I very much hope, and in fact I have to say, it is critical, that it is a real live-work-leisure, not just offices because if it's just offices, it's in the wrong place. “It was designed and made to be eco-sustainable, which basically means walking, public transport, cycling and where you can go very easily from sleeping and living into offices.” Many present at the inauguration were unaware of the initial project, once a “leader project for Spain,” alterations to which have been politically decided by the present government which repeated yesterday that it does not want housing built on the park. Asked what he thought of the Balearic government's new concept for the project, Sir Richard replied “at its very base, the major concept of this is live-work, what I see is just a first phase. If this scheme is to be an eco-sustainable scheme, then it is totally dependent on live-work, being next to each other. “If you don't then it becomes a business park and business parks should be in cities, not outside cities,” Sir Richard said, refusing to be drawn into the political decisions. “It's a great start, everything that has been done follows the plan we prepared,” the architect said, still wondering what has happened to the residential part of the scheme.