Calvia Mayor Najera, made the cash offer.


The “kind hearted” Calvia council is offering every family in the municipality 30 euros to spend at restaurants and leisure centres. Mayor Margarita Najera made the announcement yesterday which was quickly dismissed by the opposition as clear vote buying. Under the scheme each family will receive a list of 200 restaurants and other commercial establishments where they will be able to spend the money. The Sa Nostra savings bank is also taking part in the scheme. According to the council the aim of the campaign “is to bring families closer together and give local businesses a boost during the low season.” The Mayor said that it was a novel and new scheme which she hoped would be well received by the area's residents. Calvia has some of the highest rates in the Balearics and as a direct result it is one of the richest in the country. Margarita Najera is standing for re-election next year.