Two men were in police custody last night and police are hunting a third in connection with the brutal murder of the woman whose charred and disfigured body was found dumped at the side of the Llubi to Inca road on Monday. The investigation appeared to be moving fast yesterday after Wednesday's initial autopsy results failed to shed much light on the case. Police, who had not ruled out that the victim may have been a foreigner, using her dental records, now know who the woman is, although police were trying to keep the identity of the woman and the two suspects under wraps last night. However, she was aged 45, Majorcan and lived alone in Palma, hence she had not been reported missing. Police sources also said that the woman had been stabbed to death before being doused in petrol and set alight, apparently at a later date. Police were conducting house to house inquiries in Llubi, hoping to find someone who may have spotted something or someone in the area of where the body was found. Police are trying to figure out the motive for the murder, no signs of a sexual assault were found by the autopsy. Police know that the body was set on fire in an attempt to remove all traces of evidence leading to the killers. What police were not revealing last night was how they came to arrest the two men being held in custody last night. The people of Llubi remain stunned and some were disturbed by the police presence yesterday and by what has happened and many were adamant that the victim was not a local woman, although they were also miffed about how no one had spotted the body.