Of the nine suspects held in custody in connection with the murder of Maria Antonia Colom Vich, five were released yesterday morning, four appeared in court and last night just the one, the prime suspect was being held in Palma prison. Despite two of the suspects having admitted to the crime, Patricio Arturo GV, found with some of the victim's jewellery in his possession, was behind bars last night as the Guardia Civil continue with their investigation. Patricio denies killing the woman, whose charred body was found dumped by the Inca to Llubi road on Monday. Three men and a woman, Patricio's wife Olivia, appeared before an Inca judge yesterday. Olivia told the judge that she and her husband have hardly been on speaking terms for over a week and that she did not know the victim. However, last year, she was accused by Maria Antonia of stealing some seven million pesetas worth of jewellery from her. Olivia said she knew nothing about the woman's death until she read the papers. She was subsequently released as were two male suspects. Detectives appear to be no closer to a motive and are hoping to make further arrests. Police sources last night said that there are still plenty of loose ends which need to be tied up in order to solve this case. For the moment, all the police have is enough evidence to hold Patricio in jail.