The Guardia Civil now believe that Maria Antonia Colom Vich, whose charred body was found by the Inca-LLubi road on Monday, was murdered in her car. One suspect is being held in jail and a woman was arrested yesterday. Further arrests are expected and the police are said to be seeking a Columbian, allegedly involved in the murder. The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was arrested yesterday, following a search in two flats in Palma. The victim's car, which she had bought a short while ago, is being inspected by a team of experts who have arrived from Madrid. The man being held is Patricio Arturo G V, of Ecuador, who was arrested as he tried to leave the island on the day after the body was found. He allegedly tried to commit suicide by driving a car off the Dique del Oeste. He was found to be in possession of some of the victim's jewellery. He was in Spain illegally and last year the victim had reported him to the police for stealing her jewellery during the party. In all, the police have detained ten suspects in the case, but nine of them have since been released, four of them before they appeared before a judge.