Die Another Day, in English for free this weekend at Festival Park in Marratxi.

The latest James Bond, blockbuster, Die Another Day, comes to Palma this Friday and to celebrate the occasion the Bulletin has joined up with Festival Park/AMC Cinemas and is offering you the opportunity of seeing the film in English for free. Just collect the tokens which will appear in the Bulletin today, tomorrow and Friday.At Festival Park yesterday things went into overdrive ahead of the first screening on Friday. An Aston Martin, similar to the one used in many of the Bond films, took centre stage and naturally various Bond beauties were also on hand. Festival Park has lived up to its promise of showing the latest blockbusters in English. After Bond, there will be Harry Potter and then the second of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To get the Bond film in English has not proved easy and there are only a few copies available in Spain. This is the first time that a Bond film can be seen in English in Majorca at the cinema since the closure of the old movies in English in the El Terreno in the early 1980s. The exact show times of the film have not been released. However, a Festival Park spokesperson said yesterday they would be similar to those of the blockbuster XXX which has also been shown in English. These times are, 3.05, 5.45, 8.30p.m. and 11.15. These times have not been officially confirmed and are likely to change.