There were further denials that the new National Police “Focus Plan” is being used to target immigrants while central government delegate Catalina Cirer came under an astonishing attack from the socialist party in Palma. Spanish Home Secretary, Angel Acebes, categorically denied that the Focus Plan, which came into effect two weeks ago in the Balearics, is primarily aimed at immigrants “of the 1.097 people who have been targeted by the plan, over 50 per cent are Spanish,” Acebes said. The issue was raised yesterday morning in Madrid by left wing Balearic senator Manuel Cámara, who claimed before the Senate, that two clear anti-immigrant operations were carried out on November 9 and 11. Apparently, on November 9, police hit the markets in Palma “arresting, searching and throwing immigrants on the ground. “No delinquents were found, they're traders who have all the necessary permits to trade on the markets,” Manuel Cámara said. On November 11, police targeted muslims as they left a Palma mosque. It was for the mosque incident that Catalina Cirer came under heavy fire yesterday. According to one Balearic socialist MP, Antoni Diéguez, not even Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would have sanctioned such police activity. Apparently, as worshippers left the mosque, according to Cámara, they were pushed up against the wall, searched and had their documents checked. The operation resulted with charges being pressed against two people. The majority of the general public and the business community in Palma back the Focus Plan. The crime rate has been rising faster than anywhere else in Spain and city folk have become increasingly worried about safety. Nevertheless, the Association of Moroccan Immigrants have denounced what happened on November 11 - Diéguez described the day as “one of the blackest in Spain's history. “What would have happened if the thousands of Spaniards who emigrated to Germany in the 70*s were treated in a similar way as they left Catholic churches?” he asked.