A 30-year-old Briton, identified by the police as Robert, died on Sunday after suffering a domestic accident at his home in Pollensa. According to the police, the victim appears to have fainted, injured himself and bled to death and the results of yesterday's autopsy pointed to an accidental death. Police confirmed that the victim was home alone on Saturday night and could have fallen and hit his head and slowly bled to death. The accident happened in calle Dones de Can Salas and Robert had lived in the block practically ever since it was built. It was around 3pm on Sunday afternoon when a friend of Robert's popped by the flat. There was no reply, but the visitor knew Robert was home and contacted the police. The police confirmed that Robert was not answering the telephone either and decided to force their way into the flat to investigate. According to police sources there was blood all over the flat and at first, officers suspected they were looking at a crime scene and the Guardia Civil were informed. The flat was inspected by police and neighbours were also questioned in a bid to build a picture of the victim and his life. Apparently, police managed to ascertain that the victim, who worked on the yachts, lived alone and had a habit of drinking too much. There were no signs of violence on the body and no signs that a weapon had been used, leading police to rule out homicide. An initial post mortem revealed an injury caused by an accident and that he could have bled to death - which is what the autopsy confirmed yesterday.