The environmental group GOB has organised a human chain to show solidarity with the people of Galicia, following the disaster caused by the Prestige oil spill. It will take place tomorrow, Monday, at 7.30pm in the Borne. GOB chairman Joan Rita, and spokesman Miquel Angel March, criticised the central and Galician governments for being slow to react when the Prestige sank, and said that their actions had not been very “transparent.” They gave their support to the Galician environmentalists and called for “the resignation of the Galician and Spanish authorities responsible for the disastrous handling of the accident.” They named the leader of the Galician government Manuel Fraga, his environment minister Carlos del Alamo, the central minister of development Francisco Alvarez Cascos and of the environment, Jaume Matas, the former Balearic leader who will be running for election again next year. March said “the accident happened 25 days ago, and it is only now that the Spanish government is appearing to react.” Rita said that most of the work is being done by volunteers. They called for immediate aid of all type to repair the damage caused and clean up the coastline and also an immediate ban on single-hulled ships under flags of convenience in European Union waters.