The maximum temperature in Palma yesterday was 20 ºC, 8º higher than the average for January, although the high winds meant that winter coats could not be left at home. The spring-like temperature came in contrast to messages launched in adverts, which use a background of snow, overcoats and cosy fires. The minimum temperature of 15.7ºC was also more in keeping with spring, and a far cry from the January average for the last 20 years. According to weather man Agusti Jansà, the high temperatures are due to “a current of air from the Atlantic, not from the north but from lattitudes like ours or more southerly.” He explained that as this mass of air crosses the Peninsula it produces rain in the most western part, but as it advances and crosses the mountains towards the Mediterranean, it gets warmer, and when it arrives here, it brings higher temperatures. But Jansà announced a change in temperature today, as the air arriving will be cooler. And he had a gloomy prediction for the Three Kings' Parade which will be held tomorrow - “the weather won't be especially adverse, but it will be cold.” And rain and more wind is expected on Monday, when there may also be storms. The weather station at Alfabia yesterday recorded winds of up to 80kph, and in Palma and Porreras, the winds were 76 and 71 kph.