Dear Sir, We have been visiting the beach at Formentor for many years, enjoying the scenery of the area, The café has always been open and they have their fair share of cats - well fed by the tourists and well cared for by the staff.
Yesterday, we visited the beach to discover that the café was closed for repair and that the cats were in a very bad state of health - starving cats, many with cat flu.

People often regard cats as pests, particularly near hotels and restaurants, but they in fact serve a purpose by keeping away mice and rats.
In various countries the equivalent of the RSPCA will humanely cull the cats, neuter a small number (often identifying those treated by a small cut in one ear), then the hotels and restaurants have responsibility looking after the cats and providing a suitable feeding area why cannot this be done in Majorca?

Will someone please do something about the poor animals currently suffering at Formentor?
Gill & Tom Lawton
Puerto Pollensa


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