Dear Sir, The complaints about Majorca being “closed” this winter continue, but that is Majorca's choice being part of a free market, the very one the island wants an even bigger slice of with regards to the new domestic electricty market.

Now, on the one hand, hoteliers have chosen to close leading to the virtual shut down of resorts and the loss of jobs etc. and shopkeepers only want to open on five Sundays a year, despite Madrid having given the nation's traders the opportunity to open as many Sundays and fiestas as they wish, while on the other hand, both sectors are complaining about a drop in trade - obviously.

The strict Balearic trading regime is because the left wing Balearic government does not agree with Madrid's conservative free market policies - yet now Palma wants to be part of Madrid's free electricity market.

Another case of the Balearics having its cake and eating it - but in reality going hungry again.
Alex Brenen