Snow could be seen on the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana yesterday.

Gesa-Endesa predicts a 100 per cent increase in gas consumption in Palma and surrounding municipalities and a ten per cent increase in the demand for electricity all over the Balearics between the weekend and Tuesday as a result of the cold wave announced by the weatherman. Agustí Jansa, head of the met office, predicted temperatures of nearly -0ºC in the archipelago, with the exception of Palma, where temperatures will be higher as a result of the urban effect and proximity to the sea. A spokesman for Gesa-Endesa said that the consumption of piped gas in Palma, Marratxi and Calvia had shot up since Sunday and would probably be doubled over this weekend. It is on “pre alert” in the case of breakdowns caused by excessively low temperatures, snow on fuseboxes, etc. Jansa explained that up to now, the wind and the clouds are helping to keep the temperatures up and the minimum in Palma was 14ºC, compared to 1.5ºC in Lluc. For the next few days he predicted temperatures of approximately 0ºC and said that this was usual in winter in Majorca. Sunday and Monday will be the coldest days and it will snow below 600 metres tomorrow and between 500 and 400 metres on Sunday.