The good news is that from January 1, bus transport in Palma for children up to and including the age of eight is free. The bad news is that the steps necessary to obtain this discount are time consuming. First of all, a Tarjeta Ciudadana is needed - it is not just a question of getting on the bus and telling the driver the child's age, although this wasn't explained when the scheme was first mooted. If the child already has a Tarjeta Ciudadana or citizen's card, which enables him/her to travel on the buses at a cut rate, then a trip to the city council's office in Can Bauza (Plaza Cort) is the first step. There, the card will be modified so that when it is used on the bus, it registers as a free ride. If there is any money left on the card, the next step is a trip down to the bus company's offices. The EMT (telephone 971 214444) now has offices in Calle Josep Anselm Clave 5 (in the city centre, between Plazas Sant Antoni and Rossellon). There, they will ‘empty' the card and give a refund. If the child does not have a Tarjeta Ciudadana, then one must be obtained from Can Bauza which, incidentally, is only open in the mornings, up to 2pm. Two photographs and a copy of a parent's identity card will be needed. But it is not necessary to visit the EMT offices. Bus travel has always been free for children under the age of four, and a company spokesman said that raising the age limit was a gesture. By doing so, they hope to encourage children to get used to travelling by bus so that when they are adults, they will continue to use public transport instead of travelling everywhere by car.