TALKS in a bid to resolve the dispute over Balearic resident flight and ferry discounts resume in Madrid next week with the Balearic government hoping to find central government more willing to reach a solution. The Balearic Ministers for Transport and Finance will be pushing ahead with requests for domestic flights between the islands and the mainland to be declared a public service which will lead to guaranteed regular flights and cheaper fares, although Palma would like to see resident discounts increased from the present 33% to 50% because of the higher increase in air fares over the past five years. However, the Partido Popular, which, as an election carrot, has promised greater reductions if it wins the Balearic elections, yesterday put forward an alternative which may well cloud this issue in Madrid. Balearic PP senator Rosa Estaras said that the main issue at Tuesday's meeting should be studying Balearic air space problems, not greater discounts.

She said that the key concerns of the government should be ensuring “the travelling public's needs are met by regular quality services, using eco-friendly airplanes.”