Staff Reporter MARGARITA Nájera, ex-Mayor of Calvia and a member of the Balearic Socialist and Spanish Socialist Workers Party is to take out legal proceedings to prevent her personal and professional reputation from being illicitly undermined. The ex-Mayor, who feels she has been the victim of “a dirty and underhand campaign”, rejects accusations made against her that suggest that she has “benefitted” financially from public funds. She claims that all Calvia town council's accounts have been verified by appropriate authorities. She condemned the fact that some invoices had been manipulated as a weapon against her, asserting that some purchases attributed to her office had in fact been Christmas presents for councillors, gifts for the elderly, for children in hospital, or items that had been needed by the council itself. “To me, it seems mean, twisted and scandalous”, said Nájera, who confessed to a sense of “defencelessness” in the situation. She threw into high relief the personal and professional damage that she had suffered as a result of the accusations.

She explained that she was alleged to have purchased a single handkerchief for 481 euros, when the reality was, she indicated, that this was the price of purchase of a box of more than 150 handkerchiefs that were given to the elderly in the community. She also justified, amongst other items, the acquisition of a video game, a child's cradle and various pieces of glassware. “All sense of decency has been lost” lamented Nájera, who confirmed that the proceedings she wishes to pursue coincide with the start of the Socialists election campaign for March general elections. The ex-Mayor has added her name to the list of candidates. After clarifying that the majority of the purchases she made whilst still in power at Calvia town hall fell within authorised budgetary programmes, Nájera maintained that she had committed no embezzlement of funds whatsoever. She insisted that misinterpretation put on her acts was “a question of opinion”. She made reference to an official judicial complaint that had been brought against her by the now ruling Partido Popular concerning her conduct whilst she was still holding the position of Mayor. She suggested that those who had lodged the complaint knew very well what they were doing, timing it “just right” prior to a local election date. “It would be a good thing” said Nájera “if the Oppostion Popular Party learned that they have to accept the most elementary rules of democracy, instead of manipulating justice”.