CALVIA'S current mayor, Carlos Delgado, denied yesterday that his now ruling Popular Party had falsified accounting evidence to bring accusations against the ex-Mayor, Margarita Nájera, who, they intend to show is guilty of “misappropriation” of public funds. Delgado claims that “other invoices have come to light, unrelated to council affairs, which were not originally included in the file that was presented to the Public Prosecutor”. The Mayor was responding to counter claims by ex-Mayor Nájera that his team had manipulated accounting evidence as part of a smear campaign to bring her into professional and private disrepute. Margarita Nájera gave a press conference yesterday morning to give her own explanation of how bills to the tune of 120'000 euros, brought to light by the Town Council team who succeeded her, had been run up. Delgado and his team have alleged that the spending on luxury items was carried out during previous terms of office under Nájera's leadership. Delgado says that he doesn't doubt that some of the articles purchased by his predecessor were indeed for the benefit of underprivileged citizens or for valid council needs, but he was equally certain that the recently uncovered evidence clearly demonstrated abuse of funds. The present Mayor commented that Nájera's appearance in front of the media to say that she felt “defenceless” in the face of such an unjustified onslaught, was merely a sign of desperation.