MARC Fosh serves Commanding Officer Lt Cdr. P. Brown his breakfast yesterday.

THE crew on board the Royal Navy mine sweeper HMS Grimsby left Palma for the Gulf yesterday after a hearty breakfast prepared with a little help from Michelin Star chef Marc Fosh. Fosh, who boarded the ship armed with two jamons for the crew of the Grimbsy and HMS Ledbury courtesy of supermarket chain Carrefour and the Daily Bulletin, helped the ship's chef and assistant prepare a full English breakfast for the crew of 40 and in between adding his flare to cooking the bacon and sausages, learnt about having to keep 40 sailors and wrens happy with supplying three meals a day on a budget of £1.98 per person per day while also having to cook in force ten gales. Fosh's appearance in the galley attracted a great deal of attention and the ship's chef, who has to strictly ration the sausages to one per sailor, is sure that more than the ship's company of 40 turned up for breakfast, suspicions of course pointing to its accompanying mine sweeper HMS Ledbury whose chef popped in to collect his ship's jamon. While the crew of HMS Grimsby set sail hoping that their chef will be able to knock up some haute-cuisine as they sail through the Suez Canal, Marc was off to the nearest recruitment office.