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A Calvia town councillor yesterday broke party discipline and supported a motion calling on Prime Minister José María Aznar to rectify his posture on the military invasion of Iraq. Councillor Antonia Carbonell of the Popular Party (PP) took her surprise decision at yesterday's plenary session, when the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) presented a motion against the war in Iraq. The motion was approved by the votes of all 12 ruling members, Isidre Cañelles of the Majorcan Union (UM) and Carbonell. The PP has eight councillors on the opposition, although only five were present at the plenary meeting. The other four voted against the motion which called on Prime Minister Aznar “to rectify his posture favourable to the military invasion of Iraq and to intervene with Bush and Blain, demanding an immediate halt to the war.” It also calls on Aznar, as Prime Minister, “to stand beside the vast majority of Spaniards who say No to the War.” Carbonell justified her vote saying “as a representative of the Christian community and a person who is against not only this war but all wars, I cannot agree with what is happening in Iraq.” She said that she did not plan to resign as councillor and Carlos Delgado, the PP spokesman in opposition and candidate for Mayor, said that no measures will be taken against her. The motion comprised three points. The others condemned the acts of violence which have taken place during some peace marches and have also been aimed at PP headquarters and members, and the reaction of the police in some cases. Another PP councillor, Clara del Moral, said that the party was in favour of some points of the motion but could not vote in favour of the entire contents.


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