THE first train pulled into the Manacor station at 11.20am as the SFM, the Majorcan Railway Company, tested the new line.
The opening of the railway in 1879 was a landmark in the history of Manacor, but yesterday, a new page in its history was written, when the train arrived once again, 25 years after the line was discontinued. The train had left from Inca at 10.15am.
It had two carriages and the engine was operated by Javier Bezunartea, the inspector of operations, accompanied by a team of engineers and the manager of the railway company, José Antonio Santos. By 10.50 the train had reached the bridge over the Palma-Manacor road and arrived at Manacor on schedule, without too many stops or technical problems.
Ministry of public works and transport sources said yesterday that the state of the track was as it should be and safety was guaranteed.
It was the first test train and between now and the official opening, 50 per cent of the SFM train drivers will make experimental runs during the day and at night time. During this period, the train will not carry passengers.
The official opening is due to take place in the first week in May, and when the line is open, the train will cover the Palma-Manacor run in about 58 minutes.

The Balearic government is promoting public transport in an effort to persuade people to leave their cars at home and ease traffic congestion.


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