THE acting Mayor of Calvià, Margarita Nájera, yesterday claimed the decision of the attorney-general to send the seven lawsuits in which she is implicated to the office of the public prosecutor as “disproportionate and imbalanced” and that behind these measures there are “hidden economic interests of the Partido Popular”. Supported by the secretary general of the Socialist Federation of Majorca, Francina Armengol, the acting Mayor gave a press conference to comment on the decision of the attorney-general, Jesús Cardenal, to send to the office of Public Prosecution the seven lawsuits that are being taken out under separate legal proceedings against her . Yesterday, Bartomeu Barceló, the Public Prosecutor of the Balearics, said that a judicial officer in the Balearics will “shortly” be designated “to take on the responsibility of proceedings under the auspices of the central office of Public Prosecutions”. In the proceedings, pressed by leaders of the Partido Popular political party, legal officials are investigating a series of alleged offences of a different nature, committed, it would appear, by the socialist leader during her term in power as Mayor. Nájera, who lost the majority that she held in Calvià during the last elections when nine new socialist councillors were voted in (along with 10 representing the Partido Popular and 2 from UM), has declared on several occasions that the offences with which she has been charged are “a fabrication of the Partido Popular”. In spite of the “formal declaration of absolute respect for the decision of the office of the attorney-general” that she made during the press conference, Nájera pointed out that Cardenal is a figure chosen by central government, that of the Partido Popular. Armengol said that, for example, in the cases of Bitel and Mapau, it was decided that it wasn't an appropriate moment to continue with these cases during the electoral process in order not to endanger votes in favour of the Partido Popular. Bearing this precedent in mind, she added that Cardenal's decision with respect to herself “had a political motivation, as we “find this decision highly surprising when it comes in the middle of important negotiations for the government of Calvià.”


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